6 Plant Growing System

Riverponics Pro Grow Tent Enclosure

Riverponics is a patented indoor/outdoor hybrid self-watering system that combines soil gardening with hydroponics to create the perfect environment for grow plants. The first of it’s kind compost Brewer is a patented closed loop system that delivers a powerful punch of nutrients on a continuous basis in the most eco-friendly manner possible. The unique filtering system within the compost Brewer allows (you) to apply an unlimited combination of nutrients for optimum results. The Riverponics Growing System is for all ages and accommodates those who are disabled or have physical limitations. Riverponics eliminates the needs of scheduled watering, pulling weeds, hoeing, tilling, while preserving the use of soil as nature intended. Riverponics has brought the fun back to gardening. Come grow with us !!!

What Is The Riverponics Growing System?


This complete system includes all of the components needed to self water in a closed loop system

Everything Included

All mounting stands, connecting hardware. lighting and plumbing is included in this kit – just assemble and start growing

Handicap Accessible

Handicap Accessible

This simple growing system is accessible for all ages and lifestyles

6+ Plant Capacity

The Riverponics Pro Growing System can grow up to 6 plants but can easily be expanded to grow more

Easy to Accessorize

Includes (2) 120-Volt T5 6 Bulb Lighting Fixtures – just plug in and you’re ready to go

Riverponics Pro Growing System

Riverponics Pro Growing System


  • Handicap Accessible
  • No Glued Fittings
  • All Hardware and Plumbing Included
  • 5 Gallon Compost Brewer with 27 Gallon Reservoir
  • Submersible Pump
  • Air Pump
  • (1) 120v. T5 HO 4 bulb light fixture
  • 4″ Inline Exhaust Fan (171 CFM)
  • 4″ X 25′ Exhaust Flex Duct
  • 10′ X 25′ Reflective Tent Enclosure Film
  • (1) 6′ Growing Channel
  • (3) 1 Gallon Grow Bags
  • (3) 5 Gallon Grow Bags
  • Float Valve w/ Connectors & 25′ Poly Tubing for water hook-up
  • Wicking Fabric for Container