Hydro Tea LLC is dedicated to eco-friendly sustainable gardening. Hydro Tea ‘s customer base ranges from backyard enthusiasts to large-scale commercial growers. As a backyard enthusiast for many years, my goal was to find a method of gardening that was cost-effective, organic, healthy, and sustainable. By utilizing nature’s resources, innovations like our Patented Closed-Loop Compost Brewer were invented. The Closed-Loop Compost Brewer was designed and developed for multiple applications and is compatible with a variety of different growing systems. This flexibility is part of what makes the Closed-Loop Compost Brewer a cutting-edge, stand-alone device that delivers nutrients to plants in the most eco-friendly manner possible. The journey of meeting our company’s goals of supporting eco-friendly sustainability has seen Hydro Tea LLC expand into a business that today strives for perfection, continued dedicated to our philosophy, and a lasting commitment to our customers. As an eco-friendly business, it's an honor to allow nature to teach us to conserve and sustain for future generations. "Come grow with us!" - Thank you

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The patented Riverponics Growing System combines soil gardening with hydroponics to form the ultimate hybrid of a self-watering, all-in-one home growing system. Able to yield endless greens year-round, Riverponics has overcome many of the shortfalls from which other hydroponics systems suffer. Utilizing soil as the growing medium, just as nature intended, the Riverponics Growing System enables the cultivator (you) to grow a limitless array of plants year-round, indoors or outdoors, with very little effort. Riverponics has brought the fun back to gardening without the back-breaking work of tilling, pulling weeds, hoeing, and scheduled watering. Riverponics is the first mobile, self-watering garden that can be tailored to your growing needs. Whether you’re pressed for time, starved for space, or simply like having a lush, green yard, Riverponics gives you the flexibility to realize your dreams at your desired location. Now you can have a complete garden in your driveway, on your back patio, in your sunroom, on your sidewalk, or inside your home. Riverponics has the mobility to change with the seasons, from growing outdoors during the warmer months to growing indoors during the colder months. Another unique feature of the Riverponics Growing System is the Closed-Loop Compost Brewer, A first-of -its-kind, patented compost brewer that can deliver nutrient-rich compost tea and/or a granulated fertilizer continuously through the Riverponics system. Now you have the flexibility to choose and combine the necessary nutrients and microbes for optimum results. Riverponics is a great way for you to learn sustainability, and also for you to showcase and teach sustainability to your local community and to future generations. Come grow with us!