Compost Brewer

The Patented Closed Loop Brewing System

The patented Closed Loop Compost Tea Brewer dispenses and recycles nutrient rich compost tea through the Riverponics Growing Systems. The patented design filters, dispenese and recycles the compost tea for increasing the volume brewed in each setting. The Compost Tea Brewer can feed multiple grow systems at one time or to be used independently for specific needs.


5 Gallon Closed Loop Brewer


Includes the Following Equipment

  • Eco Plus 396 Submersible Pump
  • Eco Plus Commercial Air 1 Air Pump
  • Float Valve for Over-Flow Protection
  • 1.25" Compost Wand
  • Custom Stand
View the 5 Gallon Closed Loop Compost Brewer in Action!

What Makes Our System Unique?

  • Completely Unique - Patented System!
  • First of it's kind tea brewing delivery system
  • Double the capacity of tea being brewed
  • Easily incorporate to hydroponic system
  • Fit to multiple grow systems at once
  • Over flow protection
  • Able to brew aerobic and or anaerobic
  • No tea bags required (optional)
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • User friendly plug and play brewer